Going back in time and technology

May 26

Last year, I received the most thoughtful birthday present ever. The most exciting gift since my Tutti doll in Easter 1978.
An Imperial Triple Extension camera by Thornton Pickard.
It comes flatpacked and as you open it up, extends.
Complete with tripod.

If you are wondering about the white blob in the background, that is my cat Caffrey whom you’ll get to know as you follow this blog. He likes to crash my photo shoots at home.
I love the craftsmanship of it. The quality of the wood. The delicate, yet strong hinges. The leather grip. The registration plate.
Aperture and shutterspeed in 1913!

And here, extended in its full beauty.

This kind of camera was manufactured around 1913 into the 1930’s which makes this model potentially a hundred years old.
I’d like to know who made it. Who owned it. Who operated it and who sat in front of it, having their portrait taken.

Thank you, darling.


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