The art of writing letters

May 28

I have a box full of colourful letters. Collected over 30 years or so. They are somewhat categorised and bound with pretty ribbons. The box only usually gets opened when new letters are added. Most letters have been read just once and maybe one day, some will see daylight.
As I remember a childhood friend. As I remind my nieces, who are growing up fast with computers, not to forget the art of writing letters.
A stack of letters from my mum, who if still around, I’m pretty sure would write letters in favour of e-mails.
E-mails are brilliant. But you can’t feel them. Touch or smell them. I love the anticipation of opening a letter. Reading the words of someone who made the effort to sit down and share their thoughts with me. Bought a stamp and put it into a letterbox.

I love receiving letters and writing them. When was the last time you wrote a letter?


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