South Africa

Jul 24

Earlier this year I spent a week in SA for Heather’s & AD’s wedding. In between ceremonies we had a few days of leisure. Two were filled with daytrips and one day, I just spent all day at the beach. Something I hadn’t done since I don’t know when.

South Africa is a truly beautiful country.  As with every trip, I wish I had taken more pictures. Yet, a few thousand pictures still wouldn’t be enough. And sometimes, it’s also important to put down the camera and enjoy. I really hope to go back one day!

We arrived in Capetown, where I had my first sushi experience.

Then we had a long drive to Wildernis. I stayed at a very cute B&B breakfast place, the Cloverleigh, complete with cat. The owners, Annetjie and Johan are fantastic hosts. They provided a super early breakfast when we headed out early and they drove me into the village when it rained.

How cute was my little hut?! Perfect for one person or a couple. Smack bang in the middle of a few other apartments.

Now this was a cool place. De Vette Mossel = The Fat Mussel. You turn up with drinks. Grab a seat. There’s no cutlery. Your mussel shells are your cutlery. There is an outdoor cooking area and the chefs work so hard to cook up all this good stuff. There’s about 7-8 courses. Each time one is ready, they ring the bell, the owner makes an announcement and the food is taken to a serving hut where you help yourself.

Without a doubt, the highlight of my trip to SA was riding an elephant. One morning we headed to Knysna Elephant Park. We had inductions by video and the guides and then we were led to the enclosure. I walked up a podium and helped onto the elephant. There’s no straps, just a rug between you and the animal. At first, I held on to my guide for dear life. After a few minutes, I was so relaxed and thought I could commute to work like this every day! You just trust your elephant. Mine was Shaka.
We also paid a visit to Monkeyland..Really enjoyed the visit to the ostrich farm. Bought an ostrich feather duster which on Saturday mornings, reminds me of this trip.

This was a really cool restaurant in Plettenberg.And one evening, we went on a paddle boat cruise.

South Africa, I hope to be back one day.


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  1. .kat. says:

    Anja! These photographs are wonderful! What
    an amazing trip! And the wedding photographs
    are also so exquisite! Photographer and globe
    trotter you most definitely are! xoxo.kat

  2. Vivienne Guiden says:

    Fabulous! I’ve enjoyed a delicious and delightful office-chair visit to South Africa; thanks for sharing! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Hugs from Paris! Viv

    • Anita says:

      Bonjour Vivienne

      Joyeux Anniversaire !!!

      Anita Nielsen (Hickey) in Copenhagen…it is my Dad’s birthday today too and I always remembered you and he were the same day !!!

      I am in Paris quite often ….we should meet and catch up after all these years !!!

      Prends bien soin de toi !!!

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