Aug 9

Hanging out with a Alexis is always a treat and never feels like work. This was our third collaboration so you could say we are well in sync with one another. Alexis brings not just two outfits but four, five, six (?) and she’s not afraid to change in public. We’ve had a few peek-a-boo moments and people usually just giggle, as Alexis wins them over with her wit and charme.

Alexis is a photographer’s dream.

This precious outfit belonged to her grandmother. It comes out only on very special occasions.

No one except Alexis and I will ever know what prompted the laugh in this picture…
By the way, Alexis is the owner of The Happiness Centre – doesn’t that make you break out in a smile instantly? All things wellbeing so if you want to treat yourself or perhaps someone else, just call or drop into the centre. I’ve had many treatments there and it does wonders for the soul.

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