A branding journey

Feb 25

I’ve been on quite a journey.

There was a time when I used to accept each and every photography assignment. I was shooting weddings, portraits, newborns, christenings, commercial, architectural, proms, models, live music, artists, promotional, corporate, pets. Then one day,  I got asked to photograph a funeral. I simply couldn’t do it. For various reasons. And, it confirmed something from a business point of view. Something I had discovered in fairly recent times:

I needed to focus. Focus on my passions and develop my strengths.
I needed to specialise.

Because I was showcasing all these different types of photography, it was only natural that I was being approached for them. I had to narrow it down which meant giving up some of my favourite shots on display but it was the only way.

So I knew I had to do something; I just didn’t know the “how”. But then whaddaya know: Hey, Sweet Pea came into my life. I kept seeing them in my Facebook feed via friends. Cute & fresh logo and amazing online presence. Always uplifting and engaging – it’s impossible not to fall in love with them!

What a blessing they have been. We started working together late November. Initially, I signed up for “just a logo”. But I got soo much more. A brand. An identity. There was a lot of reading. A lot of collecting materials, colours and inspiration. And most of all, a whole lotta deep soul searching and answering a million questions. Elise, the founder and art director at Hey, Sweet Pea (<—- holla!! Doesn’t that name alone make you smile each and every time?) was there to guide me along the way. Doing the homework was actually a lot of fun and all the materials are presented so nicely, professionally and colourfully!

_0250After the concept was chosen, the designers started working on the mood board. It is the inspiration for the logo and shared between the creative team.

_0278I also got to work closely with a more recently recruited member of the HSP team, Lyndsay Rush. Oh Miss Rush. She’s kinda amazing. Lyndsay has a true gift with her ability to turn any word into poetry. I want her to write my wedding vows, my autobiography and obituary.

_0279It was during the strategy phase that I had a personal breakthrough. Aside from wedding photography, one of my two passions had always been photographing life. Raw. Unposed. Documentary. The other passion is my own personal project, Edible Art. I LOVE photographing food. Me and my macro love to get real close to some delicious fruit or veg and capture all those little details.

It came to me; why not combine the two? People love food. Most people love cooking food. It’s a huge subject on Instagram. We all like looking at mouthwatering food images (my mouth is watering as I type this out on an empty stomach <—- BIG mistake!). So the focus of my lifestyle session will centre around food. Food, bringing people together. And the scenarios are endless. It could be a family, preparing a cultural feast. A couple, rolling sushi. A mother passing on the famous family cookie recipe to her daughter.

Taking a bite out of life.

Boy, deciding on the tagline wasn’t easy. Lyndsay presented me with close to 20. I kinda loved them all but narrowed them down to two. And once we had the tagline, the creative team got busy designing the logo. In round 1, different ideas came to life. In my mind, I already saw the apple. Because it fits in so perfectly with the concept and tagline. Because I knew I wanted red in the logo. But mostly, because I associate apples with my childhood and that makes it truly personal.

In round 2, the logo got fine tuned, based on my notes. Final tweaks were made in round 3. And this was the outcome. A concept and vision came to life and I couldn’t be happier, delighted and thrilled with it!

brandingFrom the bottom of my puffy heart, thank you Scott & Elise! Thank you Callie, Lyndsay and Shalyn – I love each and every one of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for your businesses. I am blessed to have you in my life not only as creatives, but also as friends.




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