Mandy, Jess & Harle: baking doggy treats

Mar 28

“On-the-go, fun and crazy”. Yep, that about sums up the Martin’s.

Last year, Mandy took the brave step and traded a longterm corporate job for her passion: working with animals. And so Pads n Paws was born; a dog walking/boarding and cat sitting business.

Mandy has two beautiful border collies: There is Jessica Jo, who was rescued a few years ago. Beautiful Jess experienced such hardship in her young life and for her to have found a home with The Martin’s has been a true blessing for all of them. Thanks to Mandy’s dedication, love, hard work and training, her life has been completely turned around and she is now one happy and content dog! And then there’s Harlequin, who joined the family as a puppy. I am simply amazed by how far they’ve come since I first met them.

_0389Last week, Mandy baked turkey cupcakes and tuna treats for the Ostara Dog Rescue.

_0377_0374_0372_0385_0386_0387_0378_0404_0379_0398“Helloooooooo?! We are right here?!”
_0384_0393And as soon as Mandy’s back was turned.. the temptation simply proved too much.

_0388Time to get these beauties baked before there’s nothing left to put in the oven!

_0395And now for tuna treats.

_0396_0397Do you remember when your mum let you lick the pastry spoon? Uhm, yes please!

_0380_0394_0376And this little fella is Scoobs. A year ago or so, he kept creeping up on The Martin’s doorstep, looking for cuddles and food. It wasn’t long until he was officially adopted or should we say he adopted them – as cats tend to do.

_0383_0375Hooray, they’re ready!!

_0392_0373_0382_0371If you live in the Benfleet/Essex area and are in need of someone taking care of your furries whilst at work or on holiday, I can highly recommend Mandy. And I promise you, your dogs will LOVE those treats!

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