Five and a half reasons why I love Instagram

Apr 25

From the moment I started noticing Instagram pictures in my friend’s feeds, it was LOVE. But not having an iPhone, I couldn’t join the club. I loved the square format which reminded me of old family pictures and polaroids. People were taking pictures of something ordinary and making it look extraordinary.

Then I got an iPad for a present and you bet the first thing I did was install Instagram! I started taking pictures with it immediately. Found people. Was found by people. These are the things I love most about Instagram:

1. IG has inspired me to take pictures on a daily basis. Be it of foods or my cat. I easily find something each day to photograph. Something that might not look so interesting in 6×4 on the SLR but pretty cool in a 4×4 with a filter on it.

_04502. I put more thought into my meals, especially on the weekend. Before, I’d often throw something onto a plate or have a snack, standing in the kitchen. Now I make a conscious effort to lay everything out nicely, use proper napkins, include fresh flowers and get creative. My grandmother had a point “das Auge ißt mit!” meaning “the eyes are eating, too”.

_04513. I have discovered some amazing creatives on IG. My faves include Ariele Alasko, a maker of totally unique furniture and other beautiful things in Brooklyn. The Flying Zebra, a magical painter who happens to have a pet hedgehog called Hegel. Kinfolk, an insanely gorgeous Lifestyle Magazine. Stitch And Hammer, makers of the loveliest leather goods. Another Feather, blogger, lifestyle and food photographer. Pontus Samuel, a feed of clean and fresh minimalism.

_04484. IG provides glimpses in my everyday life. Images outside my lifestyle and wedding portfolio that won’t be found on my website. And it’s not about sharing with the world “hey, this is what I had for lunch today!” but a way for people to see more of my personality. It can potentially help clients see if we’re a good fit. An example from my own perspective: I hope to one day own a table by Ariele Alasko. Before Instagram, I didn’t even know she existed. I could go to Ikea or find a table on a high street. But not only do I adore Ariele’s unique designs; through her feed I’ve gotten a feel for the process and her as a person.

5. Other little reasons: the weekend hashtag projects by Instagram, encouraging folks to get creative and a chance to be featured on the blog. Finding awesome recipes. Seeing unusual angles of other countries. Seeing my friend’s children grow up.

Is it just another fad? I hope not and I don’t think so! I believe Instagram is around to stay and I’m excited to see you there.

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  1. Kat Evans

    April 25th, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Long live Instagram! And I do love to.
    see your wonderful images my Anja!

  2. aboutanja

    April 25th, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Thank you, Kat! You know I love to see you on there, too 🙂

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