Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day 2013

May 20

On Friday, it went a bit like this: tasting delicious foods, cooking demonstrations, learning & taking notes, comedians, people watching, overindulging, good conversations, framing memories.

Yep, it was the second ever Food Revolution Day. Once again, food bringing people together. The vibe was beautiful and we left feeling happy and inspired! I will let the images mostly speak for themselves. Disclaimer: do not proceed on an empty stomach.

_0531_0469_0468_0473_0470_0471_0487_0484_0485_0508_0498_0478_0505_0479_0480_0488_0500_0503_0501_0475_0474_0525_0477_0510_0493_0524_0516_0515_0512_0494_0497_0517_0521_0518_0507The current apprentices of Jamie’s Fifteen restaurant. For more information of this amazing program, check out the official site here: http://www.fifteen.net/

_0504_0472_0482_0490_0513_0462_0465_0466_0464_0519_0491_0522_0527_0520_0523_0528_0461_0526What a day! Be sure you get yourself down to Food Revolution Day 2014!


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Photos by anja king





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