Carine and Xenia: pasta, bread and sweet treats

Jun 2

One of the things I love about living in London is its diversity. During this session, several nationalities were under one roof and as well as English, there were French, German and Italian whispers. When Xenia was grating the parmesan cheese, we made her say it in Italian – parmigiano reggiano just sounds much dreamier.

Carine made one of her favourite pasta dishes: fusilli with tons of colourful veg and tuna. Accompanied with fresh fruit and cucumber. Xenia baked a traditional Austrian dessert: “Erdbeer & Marillenknoedel” = strawberry and apricot dumplings. And she baked bread – for the first time!

_0601_0595_0590_0593_0594_0596_0591_0592_0597_0606_0607_0614_0613_0604_0602_0608_0609_0610_0611_0589_0616_0645_0598_0600_0643_0642_0618_0619_0623Gorgeous, sweet Carine.

_0620_0646_0644_0626_0625_0624Knocking on the bread to hear whether it’s ready!

_0632_0640Nothing more rewarding than tasting some fresh, home made bread. It was so delicious and impressive for a first try!

_0631_0630_0629_0636_0634_0637_0635_0638The dumplings were rolled in fried breadcrumbs and semolina, then served with yoghurt.

_0639_0641I got to take home some dumplings and breadcrumbs and enjoyed the magic again the next day. I’ve got to watch it, all these delicious foods are being offered to me and who am I to say no? 😉

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