Breathe and reboot

Jul 16

I did. For two whole weeks.

Wanna know how? It was simple, really. I stepped away from Social Media. And still, life went on.

Hey, I dig Facebook. I’ll send the occasional tweet. I ADORE Instagram. All these outlets are great for keeping in touch, finding out about new things and making people aware of what I do. But sometimes, it gets overwhelming. Another refresh before bedtime, a “quick” check in the morning and before you know it – bam! 1/2 hour is gone. David Jay really helped put it into perspective: Social Media can be an extension of real life. But in reality, you wouldn’t invite a thousand strangers into your bedroom first thing in the morning to let them tell you whatever the heck they wanted to share. Instantly, your mind gets filled by others and you start your day reactionary.

I’m not as engaged as some who live and breathe it. But I still felt I was spending too much time on Social Media and not enough doing other, simple things. Such as reading. Listening to old records. _0745On my return, there were a few Facebook messages, tweets and Instagrams to catch up with. But now, I dedicate a daily slot to focus on those. Not five minutes here and there.

It’s liberating. Try and step away once in a while. Breathe and reboot.


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