Borough Market

Sep 21

Across the river, there’s a market.

That’s colourful. Delicious. Intoxicating.


_0774_0784_0789_0800_0773_0797_0779_0796_0771_0792_0793_0791_0798_0787_0776_0781_0780_0772_0795_0790_0788_0782_0775_0767Stay delicious, Borough Market. I’ll see you again soon.

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  1. Phillip Rogers says:

    Wonderful photos of our stall once again Anja, I could post them all to our Instagram! Even I look ok in the blurry background

  2. says:

    Your photos are yet another reason I feel
    this desperate need to move to the other
    side of the ‘Pond’. 😉

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