Edward Akrout

Dec 27

Sometimes, you get an unexpected and different kind of assignment.

Such as photographing the amazing Edward Akrout for an exclusive interview with Jessica Jabroux of Style Quotidien. Edward. Otherwise lovingly referred to as the “dashing dauphin” by his dedicated Twitter followers, the Hollow Crown Fans.

One Saturday morning, we met up in the drawing room of the Dorset Square Hotel and took some shots. After talking about nutrition & juicing for a while. I find out Edward loves watercress, healthy juices & smoothies. And quinoa, obviously.

_0815Unless you are a model, most people are a bit unsure in front of the camera, and will need a lot of guidance. Not Edward, who isn’t the least bit shy and being an actor, takes direction very well. I had a few scenarios in mind and as I gave him basic instructions, he would quite naturally, grow into the pose.

_0821_0816_0813_0817What I found most fascinating were Edward’s facial expressions. He does an extremely good serious face. At times, he didn’t even look like Edward Akrout, but morphed into character. For variety, we decided to take a few smiley shots. He said “Wait.. I won’t just smile (on command). It’ll look fake.” True! So he’d think about something that would make him smile and I literally saw a transformation.


Almost sinister. Fave.

_0818_0822Edward Akrout: interesting. Raw talent. A character. Dynamic. Sincere. Man of the world. Articulate. Colourful. I promise you, you will see a lot of this guy. On your TV. At the movies. On the red carpet.

You can read the full interview on Style Quotidien.



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