Revealed: mum’s awesome potato salad recipe

May 9

A dish so close to my heart – potato salad the way mum made it.

The taste of childhood.

I remember watching mum prepare it from a young age; to assisting her and eventually making it myself. And then one day, cooking it for her and getting the stamp of approval. It was a proud moment but almost backfired as she now expected to be retired from making potato salad! I was quick to reassure her that it was still on my wishlist of dishes when I visited, and always would be.

Mum and Grandma in the kitchen I grew up in.

_0888It’s a dish I often make for friends and a great contribution for a BBQ. Without fail, I’m asked for the recipe and it makes sense to share it along with some pictures that may just prompt you to add spuds to your shopping list. It’s delicious. It’s simple to make, filling and will keep in the fridge for several days.

Prepare the marinade while the potatoes are boiling. Tip: for extra flavour, add cumin to the potato water.

_0878Put the mayonnaise in a bowl and whisk in one egg for smoothness. Dice the onion and add. Throw in the peas, cut in the chives, season with salt & pepper and mix it up. Check the potatoes. The knife should glide in easily, without the potato splitting apart. Drain the potatoes and rinse in cold water. Stand to cool for 2 minutes, peel and cut into the marinade. When the potatoes melt into the mayonnaise whilst warm, they really take on the flavor. Lift some marinade over each layer of potato as you cut them into the bowl. Sprinkle a bit of chive on top for garnish. Serve directly after cooking whilst deliciously warm or later on, cold.

_0879_0880_0886_08871 kg of new potatoes

1 small jar of mayonnaise

1 egg

Peas, tinned or frozen



1 medium red onion

Salt & pepper

_0877_0885_0881Et voila. Mum’s awesome potato salad, served in the bowl it’s been served in since 1968.

Thank you, mum. I’m keeping the flavour alive.


By the way… this is part two of my collaboration with Ocado! For more details on how to enter our competition, check out the Ocado blog!

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  1. Cindy Schultz says:

    Looks FABULOUS Anja and I can taste the flavours through your pics. I will try it soon!

  2. Anja King says:

    thanks so much, Cindy. Have you tried it yet?!

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