Eighteen years of joy

Apr 25

This is difficult. Today, I lost my best friend. My best friend of eighteen years. Caffrey.

I am filled with indescribable sadness. Yet at the same time, and looking at these pictures, I am filled with thanks and joy. Thankful for eighteen years of joy. This is longer than some of us get to spend with a parent or a spouse.

God, I will miss my furball so very much. His little quirks. The morning wake up calls by paw. The purr, immortalised on audio. Excited greetings by the door. I am grateful for a beautiful catalogue of images and video clips but mostly, precious memories, woven into my heart & soul forever.

A friend once said about him:”He is this tiny creature but his big personality fills the whole room.” It’s so true.

Right now, all this is raw and I can’t quite imagine life without him. Typing it out loud is hard because it makes it real but it is part of my healing process as well as a way of letting you know. Those who have met Caffrey and naturally, fallen in love with him. Many who have never met him, yet adore him simply through me sharing the stories and knowing the impact he has made on my life. Caffrey has had a very good life. From the moment he started sleeping on my door step, eighteen years ago.















Faced with several trials over the years and always bouncing back, Caffrey has been called ‘the undefetable furball’ and ‘a resilient little bugger’. And boy, did we put up a fight this time. We tried everything we could. But in the end, the big, ugly C arrived suddenly, aggressively and was simply too much.

Over the past two weeks, we spent a lot of time at Animal Ark as well as quality time at home. Staying positive and hopeful throughout but this afternoon, it was time. I was with my beautiful boy until the end and most importantly, he knew I was there. Holding his little paw, stroking his head, he looked at me and we were in our own little zone. Our own little world that had come to be over the past eighteen years.

My heart is breaking. The pain in my gut is raw and real. There will be more tears. But I’m not mad. Not asking why. Instead, remembering the good times and the beautiful life we’ve shared together.

We’ve both been extremely blessed and thankful for the care at Animal Ark over a period of ten years and especially the past two weeks. Thank you, Lyndon, from the bottom of our hearts and each and everyone who has held my boy and let him feel the love in an otherwise strange place.




Words cannot express how much I will miss you, Furball. But our bond is long and strong, beyond eternity. Love you to the moon and back and one day we will meet again, in the new world.





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  1. Carlton says:

    So gutted for you, but this is definitely the best form of healing process. Lovely pictures & lovely memories, won’t be the same without his fur souvenirs everywhere!! Much love to you at a terrible time

  2. Milisa Smith says:

    I’ve only known Gaffery through your beautiful images of him…but I know how much he meant to you and how he was, and is, so much of your heart. Hugs friend for your broken heart 🙁

  3. Charlene Green says:

    Oh London, I am crying for you and the loss of Caffrey King but I love the pictures you have posted and yes he was loved as were you!

  4. Anja King says:

    We've had an amazing life together xx

  5. Cindy Lou says:


    So very sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. Our furbabies are so much a part of us and it is sad when they become sick. Caffrey was very much loved and was very blessed to have you as his pet! He was further blessed by those that provided loving care as he crossed on to the next part of his journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you darlin! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  6. Jeff Minuk says:

    Thanks for sharing the story, it's brought back a lot of memories of my first cat…We will all miss Caffrey…such a sweetie.

  7. Anja King says:

    Thank you so much for all your love notes, Jeff. Caffrey and Stan – most photogenic Instagram cats xx

  8. michele says:

    Good memories will never go away
    thinking of you

  9. Michel says:

    Dear Anja – I am so very sorry to hear this news but you have expressed yourself as beautifully as your photos of Caffrey. How precious he was and I’m so glad he chose you to share his life with. Thinking of you sweetie and loving the pictures you have shared. Much love Michel x

    • thesavourtribe says:

      Thank you, Michel. Although we haven’t spoken often, I’ve always been moved by you enquiring about him over the years x

  10. Liz Rookes says:

    So very sad for your loss Anja. You’ve made me cry. Cat’s are such wonderful loyal companions. Your photos are beautiful; it’s good that you have them to treasure Caffrey’s memory. One day you’ll meet him again on the Rainbow Bridge. Take care. Liz xx

    • thesavourtribe says:

      Thank you so much, Liz. You met Caffrey during his young years and he aged so beautifully. I have fond memories of you visiting us. I know you have been there and understand the pain x

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