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May 31

Sunday brunch. Raclette. Picnics. Afternoon tea.  Street food. Friday night pizza. Breakfast in bed. Al fresco dining. So many ways to celebrate good foods. It can be enjoyable alone but it is much more fun in the company of others.


My two great photography loves have always been people & foods so it made perfect sense to combine the two.  Many great memories are created in the kitchen, yet we rarely capture them. A mother, teaching her daughters a family favourite pasta recipe. Roomies creating a delicious feast from their home countries. A family, cooking chili for friends. A young couple, preparing a flavoursome Chinese feast in their first home together. Friends meeting for a chilled brunch on a Sunday. With me there, to document it all.



Welcome to The Savour Tribe. People who value and cherish the art of savouring food and the company of one another.

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Photos by anja king





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