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Sep 2

Every trip starts off great when it begins at City Airport.


First stop: Atelier Dennis Creuzberg, where you are greeted by Fred the Frenchie. A beautiful, modern, arty salon with a very soothing atmosphere and dreamy backyards. I had literally googled “top 10 hairdressers in Berlin” (apparently so did young hair stylist Lennart when he was looking to work for THE ultimate hair salon in Berlin) and was led to a blog describing the experience at Dennis Creuzberg. I came to him a bit of a mess with a starry eyed vision and I did appreciate his honesty and suggestions what would be best at this time. Trouble is now I feel the need to visit Berlin and the Atelier every three months 🙂


A city overflowing with history. I found the walk through the Scheunenviertel extremely moving. What you see below are so called Stolpersteine. Each one engraved with the names of the perished Jewish people. Often outside of where they lived, their names, birth and death dates; where they were deported to and murdered.

2016-08-31_00132016-08-31_00122016-08-31_00092016-08-31_00082016-08-31_0003Throughout the city: markings of where the Berlin Wall once stood.


Curry 36. The best Currywurst in town?


Highly recommended: a Brueckenfahrt. See Berlin from the water over 2.5 hours.

2016-08-31_00222016-08-31_00232016-08-31_00212016-08-31_00192016-08-31_00242016-09-01_00042016-08-31_00252016-08-31_00152016-08-31_00172016-08-31_00302016-08-31_00272016-08-31_00282016-08-31_00262016-09-01_0001My birthday started off with a delicious Turkish breakfast followed by shopping and drinks at the Monkey Bar. Why Monkey Bar? Because it’s on the 10th floor of the Hotel Bikini Berlin with view of the Zoo including the monkey enclosure!


I had made the conscious decision to not take my SLR camera with me on this trip. Less weight to carry around, less time spent behind the lens. Somehow these iPhone pictures feel more personal and film like to me. This was my 4th trip to Berlin but the first time I ever truly saw it. I really, really like you Berlin and I will be back.

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