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the bullet has landed

You guys. I’m excited about the latest addition to the household, the Nutribullet. Whilst I love juicing, it always makes me sad to see how much produce is wasted and how it takes 127 spinach leaves to get 2 drops of juice. With the Nutribullet, I get to keep all the nutrition and more. The […]


Short story: the extra mile

Meet Kumar. My local corner shop keeper of the past twelve years. I top up my electricity with a key. Pro: no unexpected bills. Con: you need to make sure the charge never runs out. Happened just once in twelve years, I was¬†watching a cliffhanger moment in The Walking Dead when suddenly poof!! everything switched […]


Life without Caffrey

Three months of life without Caffrey¬†. This is a gathering of thoughts and collection of quotes that have helped me process along the way. I have found comfort in friend’s words, hearing of their experiences, reading studies, soaking up books and being fully aware that of course I am not alone in this. During the […]


The poetry of bread

Across the river, there’s a market. And in the hart of that market, there is a bakery: Bread Ahead. Where the breads are tasty and wholesome, each crumb perfection. The bakers are gifted, passionate and they share their craft in the Bakery School. This week, I found myself attend the Nordic Baking class taught by […]


The essence of Mum

One of the items I kept when my mum passed away was one of her favourite handbags. Patched leather, 70’style. I’d seen her wear it often. It felt too sacred to use it myself so for a few years it was simply kept in a safe place. Eventually, I started to take it out. But […]


Eighteen years of joy

This is difficult. Today, I lost my best friend. My best friend of eighteen years. Caffrey. I am filled with indescribable sadness. Yet at the same time, and looking at these pictures, I am filled with thanks and joy. Thankful for eighteen years of joy. This is longer than some of us get to spend […]


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