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Edward Akrout

Sometimes, you get an unexpected and different kind of assignment. Such as photographing the amazing Edward Akrout for an exclusive interview with Jessica Jabroux of Style Quotidien. Edward. Otherwise lovingly referred to as the “dashing dauphin” by his dedicated Twitter followers, the Hollow Crown Fans. One Saturday morning, we met up in the drawing room […]


Francesca and Benjamin

These little guys are kinda special to me. Their mum and I go way back. You see, Lis was the first one to ask if I would shoot her wedding. The first person to give me a chance to build a wedding portfolio. She trusted me and that meant a whole lot. On the day of […]


Annabelle and Layla

Last time I saw Miss Annabelle, she was a tender six months young. It’s been four years, yet it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve seen Belle grow up on Facebook, every step captured by the loving eye of her parents. And now, Belle has a little sister in tow. Belle was so good during the […]


Ally and a pair of Louboutins

Meet Ally. Ally thinks she’s “not a very good model”. I think different. Ally has a gorgeous smile but she also does an excellent serious face. I got a little excited about Ally’s heels – I’d just never seen a real lifepair of Louboutin’s before. At one point I got in wedding mode and Ally suggested I […]


Lisha & Jermaine

Meet Lisha & Jermaine. They both belong to the City Gates worship team. Lisha has the voice of an angel. Jermaine plays the keys, works on the audio and has videographed a couple of weddings alongside me! They’ve been together for 5 years. I just adore them and their beautiful spirits and I can’t wait to […]



Hanging out with a Alexis is always a treat and never feels like work. This was our third collaboration so you could say we are well in sync with one another. Alexis brings not just two outfits but four, five, six (?) and she’s not afraid to change in public. We’ve had a few peek-a-boo moments […]


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