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Houston, TX

Houston, you are lovely. And memories of you are woven into my heart forever. Yes, a picture of just grass. Because I wanted to remember the velvety sensation underneath my feet.


Edward Akrout

Sometimes, you get an unexpected and different kind of assignment. Such as photographing the amazing Edward Akrout for an exclusive interview with Jessica Jabroux of Style Quotidien. Edward. Otherwise lovingly referred to as the “dashing dauphin” by his dedicated Twitter followers, the Hollow Crown Fans. One Saturday morning, we met up in the drawing room […]


The undefeatable furball

Maybe you saw Caffrey’s anniversary blog post last year. I just feel, as he gets older, every year is a big milestone. Each morning when he wakes up next to me, seemingly happy and healthy, I give thanks for him. Anyone who ever meets him, can’t believe his age. I’ll never know for sure but […]


Borough Market

Across the river, there’s a market. That’s colourful. Delicious. Intoxicating. Stay delicious, Borough Market. I’ll see you again soon.


Breathe and reboot

I did. For two whole weeks. Wanna know how? It was simple, really. I stepped away from Social Media. And still, life went on. Hey, I dig Facebook. I’ll send the occasional tweet. I ADORE Instagram. All these outlets are great for keeping in touch, finding out about new things and making people aware of what I do. But sometimes, […]


The Galli’s: tagliatelle & Eton mess

Somewhere south of the river, lives an Italian family that have made London their home. In this female ruled dominated household (3 girls and 1 dad!), they like to play games. Chat. Travel. And of course, cook. The girl’s hommage to food, made specially for the day – how cool’s that? Having tasted this DELICIOUS […]


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