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Juicing my way to a healthier lifestyle

I used to consider myself as leading a fairly healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. Sure, I’d have the occasional take out and moderate amounts of chocolate but thought I was balancing it out by going to the gym 4 – 5 times a week. Of course, the damage had been done years ago. Working shifts […]


A branding journey

I’ve been on quite a journey. There was a time when I used to accept each and every photography assignment. I was shooting weddings, portraits, newborns, christenings, commercial, architectural, proms, models, live music, artists, promotional, corporate, pets. Then one day,  I got asked to photograph a funeral. I simply couldn’t do it. For various reasons. […]


A Beatles tour of London Town

17 years in London. I know it well, yet so many gems remain that need to be seen. Hidden alleyways to be explored. Mini buses to get on such as this one. It departs from Trafalgar Square each Wednesday and on weekends. A three hour ride past iconic locations where history was made. Brian Epstein’s […]


A furry happy anniversary: 15 years with Caffrey

It was December 1997. I came home one evening and found a white fluff bundle curled up on my door step. Caffrey. It looked like he had found a place for the night and by the next morning he was gone. Only to return at night and sleep on the door mat again. This continued […]


Fall in Valentines Park

Each year, fall happens and I think “must get out there and capture the colours!” Each year, I’m running late and by the time I get round to it, all I usually find are a couple of lonely leftover leaves, laughing at me. This year, I was running late again but I grabbed a few shots in my local park before it […]


A macro lens giveaway

I’m battered and bruised. My auto focus is kaputt. BUT… I still take dreamy detail shots such as these: I am versatile. I specialize in macro but I also rock portraits. I am a Canon Macro 50mm 2.5. I fit on both full frame and crop sensor. And if you put me on the latter, […]


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