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To Greenwich by cable car

In East London, there goes a cable car from Royal Docks to North Greenwich and you get some pretty amazing views. If you are a Londoner, you can even touch in with your Oyster, just £3.20 one way. Then, you can either take a leisurely but longish walk to Greenwich or take a boat. Greenwich […]



What can I say: I love bread. I could live on it but I refrain! I have it as a weekend treat. The darker the better. I love a good sour dough bread and seeds. Love crust! I think I need to go and butter some bread right now.


Giselle & Dean are married!

They got a cool story to tell and put it on their wedding invite. The reception took place at the gorgeous Mulberry House. Always nice to be able to get a group shot from the bird’s perspective.    Hello, beautiful. City Gates folks know how to put on a great wedding and party! Thank you, […]


Overcoming shyness when photographing strangers

It’s something I still struggle with. I see a person in a moment and I want to press the shutter so badly. Sometimes, it can be done without being noticed. Sometimes, I take a chance. Some people are fine with it. Others aren’t. Such as the street seller in Harlem, NY who told me off […]


Francesca and Benjamin

These little guys are kinda special to me. Their mum and I go way back. You see, Lis was the first one to ask if I would shoot her wedding. The first person to give me a chance to build a wedding portfolio. She trusted me and that meant a whole lot. On the day of […]


Annabelle and Layla

Last time I saw Miss Annabelle, she was a tender six months young. It’s been four years, yet it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve seen Belle grow up on Facebook, every step captured by the loving eye of her parents. And now, Belle has a little sister in tow. Belle was so good during the […]


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