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Life without Caffrey

Three months of life without Caffrey . This is a gathering of thoughts and collection of quotes that have helped me process along the way. I have found comfort in friend’s words, hearing of their experiences, reading studies, soaking up books and being fully aware that of course I am not alone in this. During the […]


Eighteen years of joy

This is difficult. Today, I lost my best friend. My best friend of eighteen years. Caffrey. I am filled with indescribable sadness. Yet at the same time, and looking at these pictures, I am filled with thanks and joy. Thankful for eighteen years of joy. This is longer than some of us get to spend […]


The undefeatable furball

Maybe you saw Caffrey’s anniversary blog post last year. I just feel, as he gets older, every year is a big milestone. Each morning when he wakes up next to me, seemingly happy and healthy, I give thanks for him. Anyone who ever meets him, can’t believe his age. I’ll never know for sure but […]


Juicing my way to a healthier lifestyle

I used to consider myself as leading a fairly healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. Sure, I’d have the occasional take out and moderate amounts of chocolate but thought I was balancing it out by going to the gym 4 – 5 times a week. Of course, the damage had been done years ago. Working shifts […]


A furry happy anniversary: 15 years with Caffrey

It was December 1997. I came home one evening and found a white fluff bundle curled up on my door step. Caffrey. It looked like he had found a place for the night and by the next morning he was gone. Only to return at night and sleep on the door mat again. This continued […]


Storytelling ballet shoes

One of my big photography dreams is to capture ballet. The dress rehearsal from the sideline or above. Practice on the bar. But in the meantime, I settle for photographing these ballet shoes, kindly donated by my friend Elise. There’s just something about worn ballett slippers that tell a story. Dedication. Work. Discipline. Grace. Sweat. […]


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